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1972 Mako 22

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  • 1972 Mako 22

    This group is a wealth of knowledge, and I thank you for that. I have read a lot over the past few weeks. I have just started tearing down the boat and no great surprises yet. My plans are to close in the transom and add a bracket. I have the back half of the floor cut out all way to the transom and have started removing the rotten plywood, I have found the stingers rotten as well about 3-4' from the transom. How do I go from here? My thinking is cut all 5 stringers back 10-12" and replace the transom, then one at a time replace the stringers and tie in to good wood. My thoughts on not taking them all out at once is that it might compromise the structure. The transom will be 1.5 coosa and the stringers 1/2" coosa. What are your thoughts. I will add pictures soon as I figure out how. Thanks in advance.