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    Whats up guys, trying to get a little info. Im thinking of putting a set of 250s on the back of my 261.What do you guys think about using the factory bracket? Also how low do you think youll sit in the water? Right now I have the Transom out also the fuel tank out etc. So Im in the process of getting ready to put it back together. Im looking to see if theres any other things I may have to or want to do to accommodate for the heavier engines ?

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    I have a friend with a 261 (non-B) with twin 250 Evinrude Fichts. They barely fit in the transom opening but it hauls ass for a boat that size. Sits fine in the water. I wouldn't hesitate to put four strokes on a bracket as long as its flotation pod was designed for twins.
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      I think it depends on which 250s youre looking at. The factory bracket doesnt provide much flotation and leaves lots of room for impro vement. Theres a 241 build thread where xermikus(spelling?) designed and built a new bracket for his 241 and my 261. Its been a while since we ran the numbers but I think it provides 800 pounds of flotation. Another member on here is going to use the same bracket to hang twin f300s on a 261b and ditch the factory bracket.

      I think if you want twin 250 4 strokes youll want a new bracket. Ringleader runs twin 225 optimaxes on a factory bracket and the thing looks like it sits well and runs like a missile. Rumor has it hes repowering to new four stroke Mercurys but I dont know if he has plans for the bracket.
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        Twin 250 new Mercs or etecs May Be fine but anything else probably too heavy. Even with 225 Mercs youre probably need to weight the bow some
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          Twin 250's will cause the boat to run bow high when running offshore. The weight of the motors will sit down as the bow goes up a swell and the bow will not recover quickly causing a hard ride. Even with 200lbs of ballast in the forward floor box.

          I would try to find motors that weigh under 540 ish lbs, even with a flotation bracket Yamaha F250's are too heavy while under way. Remember that the flotation bracket only helps at rest.
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            I have a 261 with twin Honda 225s on an Armstrong bracket. I have been tinkering with trying to get the bow down for a while. I have played with bigger tabs, bow ballast ..... with minimal success. I was thinking of repowering due to motor hours anyway. I was trying determine if dropping down to twin suzuki 200’s make any noticeable difference getting bow down? Also wondering if I will see noticeable drop in power/speed. The Suzuki’s are roughly 100 lbs lighter per motor. Thoughts?

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          Thanks Guys.I think a new bracket will be the way to go .I am looking at 250 Suzukis .I was looking at the mercury's today at the Boat show.Im just not sold on them yet .

          Any ideas besides Armstrong for the Bracket ?