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25 forward bilge question

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  • 25 forward bilge question

    My 25 had a thru hull transducer and bonding bar(thru the hull) in the forward bilge.

    I want to put a 3/4 thru hull and seacock in

    for a saltwater wash down. Do these boats need a bonding bar and can you put a transducer in the forward bilge? .

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    Some components used the grounding bar back in the day. You can get rid of it. Side note, it's a good idea to bond all your thru hull fittings to your negative side of your battery. I would use the rear bilge for transducers


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      You can put a transducer up there but it won't read very well above five knots, just too much turbulence. Much better in the keel near the stern.
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