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  • Mako 18' Backcountry

    I have been doing a resto on hull #9 the last couple of years. The original owner put a tunnel in it, raised the transom 5", and laid additional glass on the transom in the well area and up the sides back in the early 90's. I could probably put a 175 on this thing and it would be fine, but more interested in light weight for getting in and out of skinny water.

    I finally got the engine running right after a rebuild and chasing some gremlins down. I still have a few things to get done but overall finished breaking the engine in and have started messing with it to see what she'll do.

    Too many things to list what all I did but happy with the outcome. Once I am comfortable with the engine mounting height I will install the poling platform.

    Just wanted to put this up for interested folks given these are such a rare beast. Love the way this hull rides and cuts through the chop. Not a fast hull but have already found out what it would do in really skinny water. Was out with my oldest daughter and was on the wrong side of the's been awhile since I've been back in that place though been fishing it since the 70's. Anyway the motor started chewing on mud so I shut it down and the hull was on the bottom. Jacked the motor all the way up, told my daughter to get on the bow. Hit the throttle a little and backed off. When the wake came back up under it, I showered down on it and off we went!

    Would like to post some pictures but can't figure it out...