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Snappergapper- Hull Repair- 3.5 months

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  • Snappergapper- Hull Repair- 3.5 months

    OK Boat is finally done. I will up load the pictures of the history of the repair.

    Bulk head cut and foam removal time

    Lots of space

    Area cleaned up and crack ground out- officially a hole in my eyes

    Repair time

    Layers and layers of glass. Then laid in strips of 3/4" coosa strips for a stiffener. Added some glass tape to the stringer corners.

    Made arrangements with Shearwater boats to spray the closed cell foam

    Tank back in and coated one more time

    Coffin lid edges redone and sprayed with Gelcoat

    Outside leveler. 98% sanded off

    9 layers of glass on the outside due to sanding and leveling.

    Skim Coat

    Finished and ready for new bunks to be welded in

    Back home in Driveway and very solid

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    Awesome and Im happy you got her home.

    Tell me about the new bunks that got welded on
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      Looks good! What caused the crack/hole?


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        Impressive restore. Looks like "new".[^]


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          I know you are glad to have the boat home.
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            I know its been a long 3.5 months. Congrats on finally getting home. Repairs look good. Look forward to seeing some bloody decks.
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              Looks well repaired....glad it worked out..

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                Originally posted by 2TDave

                Looks good! What caused the crack/hole?

                I believe it was impact related. Shop also thinks trailer cross bunk did not support the section of the hull while on the road. Since it was insurance I had to have a shop do the work.


                We jacked the front of the boat up a little welded on some forward sports with some flat bar on top. Screwed in some 2x6 that we carpeted. These two bunks will be 42" long and will cradle the boat much better.
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                  Glad to see shes back home.

                  Share some photos of those bunks when you get a chance, sounds interesting.


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                    Great pictures of the repair.

                    If I remember from the thread you got quotes from shops for the repair and this was an insurance job.

                    Did you DIY or was the repair completed by one of the shops.

                    Cool pictures of progress if it was by a shop.

                    I shudder to have to think about crawling below deck to lay the fiberglass on the inside, then try to fiberglass overhead on the bottom.

                    I wondered about having someone come out a spray closed cell foam- the cost of foam kits is really pricey and I'd think a spray outfit would be more cost effective for large volumes.


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                      yeah mark get some more pics of the bunk job. i have two bunks and thats it

                      now you got me worried lol
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                        Here is the only picture I have until I get home

                        You can see the 42" bunk now supporting the hull. one on each side

                        previous was a single cross member with a v block to support the hull. The crack was about 8 inches behind this support

                        The area behind this bunch was quit large and it is where the hull starts to flatten out. The foam inside was not supporting the hull at all as it was both wet and broken apart.
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                          Cool Beans. Glad you were able to get it done, even if it took longer than one would hope for... Looks like a GREAT job of repair...

                          And you will be MOST happy with the new "V" bunks. Will help immensely when loading...
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