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1971 Mako19 w/1975 Johnston 115v4

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  • 1971 Mako19 w/1975 Johnston 115v4

    Hello everyone. Newbee here (with Mako's). I just recently bought a 1971 Mako19cc. From the original owner. Yes one owner boat. Floors seam fine (some spider cracks on the gunwales). my problem is The fuel fill hose is how would I say it crimped/disconnected. My question is will I have to PULL the tank to replace the hose, or is there enough space to SLIDE it out and then back in I also have to reinstall the fuel lines to the motor.He was running on 6 gallons portables . The tank has a 1/4 of fuel in it. NO SMELL when of fuel when I got her home. This just the start my my questions. I thank everyone in advance for your help. P.S. I will up load pictures later.

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    Welcome ! There may be some room to cut it out in pieces with the tank in place. However if your going to open up the coffin you mite as well install a new tank and remove as much of the wet foam as you can and replace with new foam.

    Id suggest a 27 gallon Moller plastic tank with intergral filler. Thats whats in mine and the filler spout is on the right side of the console.

    Be very careful pulling off the console lid as they split and fall apart more often than not.

    Good luck !
    1970 Mako 19


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      Thank You Rowch01. Haven't had the chance to get to it with all that's going right now. Just made ROOM for her in the garage.. LOL Plan on starting THAT project this weekend. The coffin hatch is soft right were you stand right behind the center console, So I know I will have to deal with that issue as well. I will take pictures and post them as I go. I don't plan on a full restoration(yet). Want to get in the water and see how the motor preforms. But that will not be till spring. I have been reading A ton on CM which is very informative.. Have plans on rewiring it for more electronic's. Boat had bare minimum. And out of date as well.


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        Hey rowch01 just wondering what tank you used and how you did it...if possible do you mind sending pics or maybe the link to your thread if you made one! Thanks

        And good luck slipknott2561! Just got myself a 73 19 this winter