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  • Mako 17 redo

    Im giving my 1986 17 footer a makeover. Among other things, Im going to replace the shift and throttle cables. Can someone tell me how long should my replacement cables be? Also, is it better to pull the cables through the conduit starting at the console or the engine?

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    If you can located at the end of cables is a part number which includes the lenght. It's been awhile ago but when we replaced ours I seem to think they were 13ft., but verify that. You can use one of the cables as a pull cord and attach another nylon pull cord for future use. I think we pulled the cables from the bilge area to the console. Depending on the number of wires in your tubes use care when pulling in the new cables. The bend on the tube under the console made for interesting pull just be careful.
    Keyman[br]Paoli, PA