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whats a 79' mako 25 worth?

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  • whats a 79' mako 25 worth?

    So I have a 1979 mako 25, its in decent shape, I put a brand new transom in it this year. It needs all new trim, and paint inside and out, that's truly about it to make it really pop. It has a 2002 Evinrude 250 on the back that just blew up. I was originally planning on restoring it but with the motor just blowing ill be way to deep into it and at this point im not sure its worth it. So my question is, Whats it worth the way it is? I know its not worth its weight in gold but I want to make sure im not giving it away. Or is it worth throwing a used 2000-2005 motor on it and then selling? any help or insight would be much appreciated. If I can figure out how to post pictures ill throw a few up

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    Worth more with the transom done but still if you can sell as a package with a working motor it will always sell faster and most likely for more
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      Its definitely a desirable hull but without pics value is hard to say.


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        Pics would really help. With a motor it's a $7-10k boat in good shape with a new transom and fuel tank. With just a hull and a trailer, maybe $3-$5k assuming someone could bolt on new power and go.
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          thanks for the responses, now I at least have an idea where to go, thanks again guys!