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  • Flotation bracket

    I got 89 248 mako cuddy. Jus repowered with new twin 150 yamahas. There is stainless bracket on there now. Had 1994 135 yams on it befor. The dealer telling me i may need floatation bracket its setting in water lower than he lik. Any suggestions?

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    Would help us give intelligent responses, if you can share some pics of the bracket (out of the water, so we can see it's approx. size), and any pics of the boat sitting in the water, both with the old engines, and the new would be best?

    If that's not possible, my recommendation would be to to take your dealers advise...
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      Whats the combined weight of the Yamies ?
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        Our makos were not designed for four strokes or brackets. The more flotation you can have in a bracket the better IMO.
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          "Our makos were not designed for four strokes or brackets."

          Just this week picked up a 1987 Mako 248 walk-around cuddy without a motor. Appears it came from the builder with 2-stroke twins on a bracket. Somewhere along the line it was repowered with a 225 hp 4-stroke on a single Gil bracket. But someone added a, to me, Mickey Mouse tab underneath the bracket; it must have had a problem to require such a modification.

          I plan on powering with a 250 hp 4-stroke, and will consider adding a tub beneath that bracket.
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            I suggest you go back to motors that match the weight of what you had before. Getting swamped isn't fun and can prove fatal.


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              I sea trialed a 1987 248 w/ a2005 250 Verado on it yesterday. The capt. was continually adjusting the tabs in an effort to keep it straight. It kept heeling over to one side then the other, like it was top heavy. I saw one post about this same problem on a 248.This model is supposed to have a bracket (full transom). The guy said he would be putting bigger tabs on if he were keeping the boat. He's owned it for 5 years.Any thoughts? It's not chine walking, it just lays over.Any one know why they only made this model for 2 years?
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                Sounds like needs a trim zinc on the motor to counter the motor torque. I get this on my 21B with a single 225HP Mercury. The prop thats on there (came with the boat) has so much rake I cant run one.

                So it will layover, I adjust with tabs, and unless someone is moving around I can usually offset a bit and be done. But I have larger tabs for the boat, not freakishly large but probably bigger than the /minimum' recommended size.

                More knowledgeable folks will chine in here I'm sure.