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    Hey guys, need some help removing the bracket on my.....Mako.

    I was able to remove the platform with some braided line and shims. The only thing holding the bracket is the 5200. Tried using a little heat but couldn't get behind it. I'm trying to do this all at the storage facility if possible.

    I was thinking of making some wedges and using some heat. How well does the debonding chemical work? I'm thinking the entire backside of the bracket has 5200. Maybe use the trailer jack to push against a 4x4 as I add some heat and some braided line to cut.

    Anyone else remove one of these? The studs going through the transom will be another obstacle.


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    I saw an episode of Ship Shape TV where they used a debond on that exact same item to dissolve the 5200.

    Wish I could remember the name of it.
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      I found it.....

      It was called DeBond
      Brian[br]1992 Mako 221[br]1987 Bayliner 17 (sold)[br]1963 Elgin (sold)[br]Pasadena,MD[br][email protected][br]I am a PROUD DEPLORABLE[br]\"Make America Great Again\"[br]


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        Debond/antibond works.
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          Heading over to Amazon now. I'll give it a shot. Just wanted to make sure it works at $30 for a $12oz can.


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            correct you need to break the chemical bond to get if off an not rip off the gel coat with it.
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              Perfect. Best price was through the manufacturer. WM wanted $30 something for 1.5oz [:0].

              Gonna rip some 2x4's and make some wedges.

              Couldn't believe how clean the inside of the bracket was. Never a drop of water in there. Originally I was going to Line-X it and buy a 2-stroke, but they told me the Line-X was going to start at $1k. I had my truck bed done with the clear for half that price. New bracket and 4-stroke on the way.


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                What boat is that? You been holding out?


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                  Originally posted by 2TDave

                  What boat is that? You been holding out?

                  '93 Grady Explorer. Only has about 500 hrs on it. My brother had it on a rack for way too long. I didn't use the Mako that much the last couple years, but did this summer as I worked on this one. Once I get the GW straightened out I'm gonna get round 2 on the Mako.


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                    Nice. A buddy of mine just inclosed and bracketed a GW W/A. Transom had let go when he first hung the twins on it. Ive heard rot is uncommon in them like our Makos. Id love to see more.


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                      Went down yesterday with my $40 can of magic spray. After an hour I left with some broken wedges, chisel handle and a boat laughing at me.

                      I did remove a little 5200 around the edge. Going to take another look with a camera for some hidden lag bolts. There has to be something else.


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                        .... well I missed 2 bolts up under the the bait well.

                        How dare you mach me!


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                          A little zit cream...

                          Hope to get this on in January and then off to buy a new motor. Going to add a OceanGrip pad to the bracket. If anyone needs a tank or a bracket Colin is the best. He has been at it for over 35 years. It's just him and another guy (been there 16). Happy Holidays Classic Mako!


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                            For future reference titanium wire cuts through sealant like butter if its something where you can get the wire started behind a corner. Similar to the method used to cut the windshield out of a car.


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                              Nice work and good looking bracket!