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Lifting bow off trailer

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  • Lifting bow off trailer

    I know how get a boat off a trailer on to stands but I am in a tight spot and don't think that won't work. Just not enough room. It also may not be necessary as I only really need to lift the bow a little bit to get weight off the cross member.

    I just picked up a 20ft '83 on a double axle trailer that I need to bring home but first I need to fix the broken front cross member on the trailer. I am thinking about using a jack to get the bow up a little bit, then removing the cross member to replace it. Has anyone used a jack on the bow like that? I am nervous it may not be stable enough. I thought about using a block of wood cut with a V to help hold it, but not sure if the block would split leaving the bow to fall on the jack. Any other suggestions? Maybe a V notch piece of rubber.

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    Ive used 3 ton jack and notched 4x4 To raise bow to replace front bunk.

    Its probably not osha approved and I wouldnt recommend it, but it can be done. Just dont get any piece of you between the jacked up boat and the trailer. Id assume the boat was going to fall at any minute and act as if it were about to.


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      Good to hear the 4x4 didn't snap on you, headcase. Thanks for the response. I think that's my best bet.


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        Yes, I did exactly this procedure to put my boat on blocks. Just a couple pieces of wood to raise to pad height of a floor jack under the keel. Lift up, place stand under, set down. The trailer is still under the boat but the hull is fully resting on the stands.
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