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79 23__ramping up for a rebuild

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  • 79 23__ramping up for a rebuild

    Okay ive been reading and searching post preparing to do a rehab on my boat. I purchased this boat in 2002, fished and dove the gealcoat off it. When i bought the boat it had a 89 200 rude on it, i decided to run it till it popped, unfortunatly it finally gave up around 2008 when the economy tanked. The boat sat as i kicked the idea of replacing it or rebuild. Since i bought it i added a t-top, swivel mount riggers, installed a new 100gal poly tank. The transom had been redone and seems to have some wiggle in it, floor has gotten soft around the ttop legs and console also. So im ready to start gathering advice from wealth of knowledge here! My plans are to remove motor and rebuild the transom enclosing it in adding a floatation bracket, either a armstrong or aj, im leaning armstrong at moment. Also thinking of removing in floor live well and putting above in transom. Going to raise rear splash well to the deck hieght wich should raise scuppers about 2-2.5"s. Some things im still undecided on. Removing rear fishboxes? Im also wondering if i removed the tank cut out coffin to remove old foam check stringers is necessary? I have some glass experience but not much knowledge about it. The demo part ive got as im a contractor and am not afraid of hard work or getting dirty []! Plus own every tool know to man.

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    It looks as if im ready to put this project in motion, I want to tackle the transom first. From what im gathering its easier to cut the outer skin if im going to pour it and the inner if im going coosa. But thats where im at to pour or go composite? Plan is enclose transom and add armstromg floation bracket. So any pros or cons as far as pour vs coosa?


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      Most on here are preferring pour over coosa these days.

      Yes, go in from the outside and remove your outer skin as 1 piece.
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        So i decided to grab the 254 that was in the classifieds. This 79 23 is going up for sale and i will open another thread as i finish the 254 project. It was so much further along and i would have had to put alot into this 23 to get it to that point. The 254 had a hermco bracket and new transom done by don.