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1979 235 rebuild

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  • 1979 235 rebuild

    Posting this project for my buddy.

    This 1979 235 he recently purchased

    Came with some serious deck issues due to the beautiful tower that was

    on the boat. The transom was enclosed

    Bracketed a 2001 225 Yamaha ox66. The boat

    Runs strong. My buddy used the boat a few times and

    Now that he loves the hull, he's ready to make the

    Repairs and put in the time.

    Here's some pics:

    As you can see there's ALOT going on under the deck...

    The fuel tank has a funky notch where the pic up is

    The stringers and deck support are naked 2x4's

    And no structural support for the tower that it would need.

    He is hopeful that he can get the stringers raised up to deck level

    To create a grid that can support the tower.

    We have brain stormed on this a few times and think if the stringers are raised, new supports are made from hull bottom to deck level and tie everything together, it would be strong enough to support the tower.

    Comments and ideas would be a big help. Thank you.
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    None of what your seeing with the deck and below is original, someone has been in there before. If the deck work is bad Id be very concerned about the quality of work done to the transom.

    However, it looks like a good project and closed transom/bracket and some type of small tower are future goals for my project.
    Long Island, New York


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      Thank you for the insite, we discussed the transom possibly being an issue.

      But as of now we haven't found any evidence of poor design there.

      This boat could have had many stages in its life.

      No telling if the transom was enclosed by the same person who did this funky deck wprk.
      Fort Lauderdale, FL[br]1990 231 Mako[br]1998 Keywest 1720[br][br][br][/url]


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        Yeah that whole interior has been modified at some point.
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