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  • New Power Coming on the 221B

    So for those that may recall... I've had some crap or other going on with my 1999 Yamaha 225 for the last five years. Low pressure pumps, on-engine oil reservoir pump, high pressure fuel pump, O2 Sensor and finally the oil pump & mix control.... all changed and resolving a different issue. OK for 2017... but this year... Another issue. Now the engine will only run idle for about 10 min before it stops. Push fuel back in with the hand bulb, it restarts and idles for 10 min and stops. I swap all three low pressure pumps, same thing. High pressure pumps checks. Filters are good. Fuel tank is brand new (2016 swap) and the water separator has nothing but fuel in it. Not a drop of water. In order to get it to the ramp to pull the boat out I relied on my 11 year old fuel pump.... my son lying on his belly back there hitting the bulb every minute or so. This allowed me to run at 1500 RPM to get to the dock. Had a buddy follow me out on a second boat and he says the engine rattles like a diesel and sounds like we have a rattling valve. Basically... sounds like crap too.

    Bottom line.... Anyone interested in a project 1999 Yamaha 225 Outboard?

    It's given it joy... but I think I am going to move on... I've put in a deposit on an 250 H.O. Evinrude E-Tec G2. Here's how I got to that choice.

    Was looking at a new Yamaha but all the local dealers are telling me not to bother. "Something is up at Yamaha" is the common statement they all make. 4 to 6 months to get an engine if you are lucky. Once I heard that... I started to look elsewhere.

    Ended up at the Evinrude because of a few things, mostly what I've read here.

    - The Yamaha currently on there weighs 500 lbs dry. Then add the steering piston and that adds another 15 lbs (more or less). That puts me at 515 Lbs. The Evinrude tips the scales at 540 lbs. That includes the power steering. When the boat was built it was rated for a 275 HP. As far as I recall, that was a V8 engine back in the day and that tipped the scales at over 560 lbs. I should be good to the weight concern.

    - Wanted to go up in power so I went to the 250 HO which, according to the reviews and the dealer, it's about 10% more power than the "normal" 250. Hence.... we should be knocking on the door of 275 HP. Minimum I'd be at 265 HP.

    - I'm liking the torque on the Evinrude 2 strokes.

    - Auto trim on the engine, although I will likely not use it.

    - Power steering does not hurt.

    - Got an 8 year warranty on a "summer offer" from Evinrude.

    I'll be posting what I can on the final outcome. I'll also put up my impressions on the engine on the boat and throw up some videos etc.

    In the meantime.... Has anyone put a E-Tec G2 on a Mako yet? I'd be curious to hear any impressions/opinions. Also, anyone put a 4 stroke back there. Impressions on the weight gain and how the boat rides? Just curious mostly...

    Here's a quick video of the hole shot on the 221B with the Yamaha after I got the 2016 problems resolved. In short, it was running perfectly at this point.

    Dealer is claiming I'm going to be amazed at the difference. You guys figure I should see that much of a differnce? Honestly, I'm good with a damn motor that i snot going to give me gremlins.... and if it does... warranty!
    Luis V.[br]1992 Mako 221B & 2018 Evinrude E-Tec G2 250 HO

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    Should have put this in the engine thread.... anyone with Admin... please move it. []
    Luis V.[br]1992 Mako 221B & 2018 Evinrude E-Tec G2 250 HO


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      My understanding is that Tohatsu provides parts for most Zukes, Yammies,etc. Trouble in paradise?[?]


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        ETechs are great engines. Stick with synthetic oil all the way.


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          1990 Yamaha here w similar weight as yours. Ive considered Suzuki or etech as well. As of late, I have held off on my repower as Im watching the new Mercury 225 (475 pounds)and its performace reports with interest. More than anything Im interested to see what bugs and fixes those engines will need before proven. I plan to wait another year to allow data to come in.


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            Originally posted by Dogman18

            My understanding is that Tohatsu provides parts for most Zukes, Yammies,etc. Trouble in paradise?[?]

            I heard something similar, that Suzuki and Yamaha use similar OEMs for parts. However, I've not confirmed who it was. I don't think this is the issue because the Suzuki engines are readily available. I think there is some deeper issue that is keeping Yamaha from wanting to get engines out. Having trouble meeting emissions guidelines? Power output not up to snuff? New design delays? Something is up.

            I liked the old Yamaha engine I had on there but wanted to stay two stroke. So in the end I would have moved over to something else anyway, but it is odd that it is so hard to get them.
            Luis V.[br]1992 Mako 221B & 2018 Evinrude E-Tec G2 250 HO


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              Something's missing....

              Got the old Yamaha and de-rigged the boat. Now the new harness is in and the hydraulic hoses are all run through the starboard side.

              I'll be polishing the crap out of that bracket when they are done and putting on non-skid tape back there.

              Also, if you look next to the rear cleat on the gunnel you'll see the swing valve I am replacing. I went with the stainless version. Since the guys were back there anyway, I figured they could knock it out for me.
              Luis V.[br]1992 Mako 221B & 2018 Evinrude E-Tec G2 250 HO


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                You're gonna FREAK when you get the G2! I have 150HO and it is fun. I tell people I no longer need to buy a HOT ROD because I already have one! Your boat is gonna be SWEET! The best thing....fuel economy is astounding!

                Just a piece of advice.....Go with the RX4 prop...I'd probably start with 18 pitch but with the 250HO you may be able to go 20. Mount the engine as high as it will go, especially when mounting on bracket! Good luck and Enjoy!!
                [br]1980 Custom Mako 20, 150 HO G2[br]Statham, GA


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                  Funny you should mention the prop. I was chatting with the dealer about the prop late last week. I asked the same, would the 4 blade be better than the 3 blade given the extra power.

                  What the dealer told me was that I would get more lift in the rear with the RX4 and, of course, top end could drop off a bit. What we kind of threw around was that I have been running a 3 blade on the Yamaha for years. Top Speed and hole shots were not bad. I did not feel I needed rear lift in the past. Since we are only adding about 30 lbs out back (compared to the 225 Yamaha) I should not need a dramatic change in lift. Not to mention, I'm adding about 50 HP, minimum and more torque. Bottom line... we'd try the 3 blade and see what happens. What he did say was that the torque would be so much better that even with the 3 blade, the difference I'd feel would amaze me.

                  We did not discuss pitch other than to say he's going to prop it based on what he's done with similar hulls (size, weight, etc) and Evinrude recommendation. If I was not happy with the prop (speed, hole shot, WOT RPM, etc) he would swap out the prop so long as I had not damaged it. We could go RX4 or a pitch change if needed. I'd comfortable with an offer like that.

                  Now it's just a question of starting with the 4 blade or the 3 blade. Jeeeze.... back to square one. []
                  Luis V.[br]1992 Mako 221B & 2018 Evinrude E-Tec G2 250 HO


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                    Getting boat back tomorrow and it looks like were starting with a Rebel 19 pitch prop to start. Will be trying things out on Friday so Ill take some video and let you know how it goes. Really syched about this.
                    Luis V.[br]1992 Mako 221B & 2018 Evinrude E-Tec G2 250 HO


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                      So an update....

                      Ok I am amazed with the engine. The torque difference is very noticeable and so far, vs the 1999 225 Yamaha, I am seeing a 25 to 30% drop in consumption.not going to lie, thats impressive. The engine is also significantly quieter. Oh my God! I can have a conversation with somebody behind the console without screaming.

                      The initial prop we went with is a 3 blade 19 pitch. The boat runs at 5400 to 5500 RPM wide open with 2 on board and 100 gallons of fuel. With the engine trimmed and the tabs on the boat set to reduce (not eliminate) a little porpoising I can hit 51 MPH. At 4600 RPM we move at 42 or 43 with the boat trimmed to run flat with zero bounce. At 4000 RPM were in the 38 MPH range. In general, Im great with it.

                      The engine is one up from lowest mount. The position of the boat in the water is the same as far as I can tell vs the previous config. The engine is about 6 to 8 further back and with the single rigging hose the does not move I have complete use of my platform. From an install point of view, night and day.

                      In use, the engine is great. The power steering is awesome and quiet comfortable to deal with. I love it. The main thing I need to get used to is the control. The drive by wire is very sensitive and easy to move. Getting used to the throttle sensitivity is something Ill have to get used to. Some adjustment of the tension is likely in my future. I got the advanced/upgraded control. I highly suggest this because the RPM and Neutral Lock is nice to have with such a soft control action. It makes for more precise adjustment of RPM to maintain speed but cut back on fuel use more.

                      Overall, so far.... huge fan.

                      Ill finally get around to some photos and video today and try to post.
                      Luis V.[br]1992 Mako 221B & 2018 Evinrude E-Tec G2 250 HO


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                        Sounds super exciting....lets see some pics and videos!!! []

                        A wise man once said, "Son... if it has tits, tires or a transom... sooner or later it's gonna give you problems." -the old man

                        1972 Classic Mako 19


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                          OK folks here you go.

                          Nothing on this but some simple straight up clips I pulled from some GoPro's mounted to the boat. The sound is straight from the cameras and clearly going to be filled with wind noise and/or vibration feedback from being mounted on the transom.

                          I shot these on a short trip on the boat to take the kids tubing in the bay. The load on the boat was about 80 gallons of fuel, 4 adults and one 11 year old.

                          You should be able to make out the RPMs and Speeds on the gauge on the center of the console. It'll give you an idea of how the boat runs with the new engine.

                          Luis V.[br]1992 Mako 221B & 2018 Evinrude E-Tec G2 250 HO


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                            hot- dog

                            Mind asking what the cost was with/without rigging?


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                              Not a problem....

                              Cost was about

                              $18,500 for Engine

                              $2,100 for Advanced Control, Rigging and Prop

                              $800 for Gauge

                              $1,200 in labor

                              There were other things I had done new battery cables, terminals, fuel/water separators, etc etc etc. then add big brothers cut....
                              Luis V.[br]1992 Mako 221B & 2018 Evinrude E-Tec G2 250 HO