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Foam flotation in transom livewells

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  • Foam flotation in transom livewells

    Im thinking about improving my factory baitwells on my 171. They are rectangular and work pretty well as they are, but because of the shape some baits really beat themselves up due to slamming head first into the sides.

    Another issue is the wooden backing mounts that the PO made inside the baitwells. Smaller baits and pinfish love to hide in the crevices between the wood mounts for tabs.

    Im thinking about installing oval shaped plastic baitwells inside the boxes and then foaming around them. My thinking is that it will keep bait in better condition and hopefully raise the transom due to the added buoyancy.

    What Id like to get input on is how much higher will the transom sit in the water?

    My current setup with 2-stroke Yamaha 115 has the scuppers about a 1/2 under the waterline. I know it depends on how much foam I use and US Composites site says a 3# kit will provide 59 lbs. of buoyancy per cubic foot.

    What do you think?
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    Foam doesnt add any buoyancy over empty air. It just prevents a cavity from filling with water in the event of a breach. Hypothetically, you will be reducing the volume of the livewell with your liner so the reduced weight will add some buoyancy.
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