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New transom on 74 Mako 20 question....

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  • New transom on 74 Mako 20 question....

    Ive now replaced and raised my transom with a notch for engine thats 25 from bottom of keel as suggested here. I thing the cavitation plate should be even with bottom of keel?

    Does this mean I have to put an extra long shaft engine on this boat?

    Im worried I went too high and now my only option is to buy an extra long shaft which may be harder to acquire.

    Ive got to start shopping for used power, but I still have lots to do and time is a rare commodity until August at this point. Waiting till then to prime and paint. Will do the Imgur upload when I get home in June.

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    Yes, you need a 25" shaft. With me I had an existing 20" long shaft motor which I converted to a 25" shaft with gifted and purchased parts. If you don't have a motor today then just look for a 25" 150-200hp.
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      A jackplate might help. That will be my backup if I make my transom to high.


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        A 25 inch 150 shouldnt be too hard to find. I dont know where youre at but I had my used motor shipped from Franzen Marine in Florida up to NJ strictly based on his reputation. He has inventory listed on eBay but your best bet may be to give him a call and tell him what youre looking for.
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