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1970 mako22 fuel tank

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  • 1970 mako22 fuel tank

    I just purchased this Mako and it has been sitting for years . I was wondering what most of you do about the fuel tanks . I am guessing they are all alum. How do they hold up ? Do you all replace them ? are poly tanks available ? Do you refoam them in with expandable foam ?
    robert j sadowski

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    General practice is to replace the original tanks regardless of condition due to age. The durability varies widely. The original tank in my '76 was in great shape when I pulled it out despite the deck being rotted out and all of the foam being soaked. But I've also seen others that were pitted all to hell inside and out and occasionally see pinhole penetration leaks. Most people put a new aluminum tank in, Sunshine Marine in Florida is a popular tank fabricator both on here and THT. Some people refoam, some don't. Personally I am going to fill the cavity with 4 lb foam on mine.
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