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Putting the Lid on the Coffin Mako 231

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  • Putting the Lid on the Coffin Mako 231

    Who knows the best way to seal the coffin? clear Silicon? 4200?

    Some of it is going to show and I hate that dirty look clear silicon gets after a while please all suggestions welcome, Thanks

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    I used 4200 when I pulled mine off 6 years ago to inspect the tank and worked good. Redid my fuel tank last year and made new coffin lid and glassed it down, no screws to leak now.
    1978 Mako 21[br]Schneider [br]Butler, PA


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      I used Boatlife's - Life-caulk. Cleaned out the seams really well laid a layer of caulking twine into the bottom of the seam to make removal easier at some point in the future - masked off the seam on deck and ran a good bead of life-caulk all around. It made a very secure and waterproof joint.

      Best of Luck...

      Bob S


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        Second on the Boat Life Caulking.
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