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The transom is off, please help!

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  • The transom is off, please help!

    I have skin off of back and all wet wood removed. I am raising engine notch to 25 inches and am planning to bring transom straight across from highest factory points on port and starboard rail. I have from one thread that tapered notch is 18 inches across and 28 at top leaving enough room for engine turning radius and creating splash guard for transom. Do these measurements sound right to everyone?

    Any suggestions are appreciated and welcomed!

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    Unsure of what motor your running to if those measurements will work.
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      Guessing from your other post, you're working on a 20. With mine, I measured my clearances with a 99 150 Johnson and came up with a 20" opening on the bottom and 28" at the top. This was with a 12" high splash guard. Now that I'm raising the transom 5", I want to keep the same angle, but now on only a 7" high splash guard. That gives me a 24" opening at the top with the same 20" at the bottom.

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