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Best Speaker Locations - 191 Mako Center Console

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  • Best Speaker Locations - 191 Mako Center Console

    I'm adding a Fusion Head Unit, and (2) Pairs of speakers to my 19' 191 Mako Center Console.

    I've got three locations in mind, where I can easily run speaker wire, and have sufficient depth/clearance to mount the 6" round 200W speakers.

    Location 1 - On either side of the transom/splash well, beneath the Baitwell/Storage Compartment.

    Location 2 - On the side of the center console, mounted low so that the gunnels limit the sound from just going out.

    Location 3 - Side by side at the bow, by the anchor locker.

    Couple things to note:

    - A loud, 2-stroke 2003 Optimax 150 (currently being shipped), will be rigged.

    - Majority of the time the boat will be anchored/beached at a sandbar.

    - Bow seating is where most people will be hanging out

    - No T-Top, so overhead speakers are not an option.

    Which two locations would you go with?

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    Location 3 makes the most senses. Since you will be seating at bow should be better sound. On our previously owned 17 we had speakers mount like your location 2. I think towards the stern location 1 would not be good while on the way but may be ok while beached. Getting wires to the bow may be a challenge as to the stern. Wire run under the console would be the easiest with radio mounted there. The 17 had a conduit run from console to the starboard gunnel with another conduit run to bow and stern. Not sure how the 19 conduits are run..
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      I'd start with 2 first as it is the easiest. Definitely down low so the sound bounces back in the boat and everyone for 30 miles doesn't have to hear it either. Then move to 1 as it will direct the sound back to you while you are at the helm, then 3. Four I would add a subwoofer and amp. [8D]
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