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Transom- wet but solid for now '79 235 CC

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  • Transom- wet but solid for now '79 235 CC

    There come a day when we must admit she ain't what she used to be (talking boats here) '79 235 CC

    I removed the kicker motor mount yesterday and found black wood in bolt holes - obviously been wet -

    Transom still quite solid- but I know like gas tanks it will not fix it's self. I am quite confidant I can get thur this season and deal with next winter.

    I am not going to tackle this myself- motors I can do- fiberglass - no thanks-

    Question is what can I expect cost wise for somebody to do transom and what are odds that is only the beginning (stringers....)

    This is a fishing boat - not a collectable.

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    Most of the cost will depend on the shop you select. Labor cost up north vary from $125-150/hr. Material costs could run $1500-2000 and figure 40hrs labor at $1500. That's why a lot guys elect to tackle it themselves.
    Keyman[br]Paoli, PA