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Painting the Bottom of a Boat

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  • Painting the Bottom of a Boat

    Hi everyone,

    OK, what do you do to paint the bottom of your boat? I have no way to suspend my Mako 15 in the air. When it is off the trailer the boat is in the water. I suppose I could crawl under the trailer, but the rollers are in the way. Curious what others have done. No plans to paint the boat at this point, but I still wonder what others do. Might paint the engine this summer (while on the boat).
    Mark Kriz[br]Mako15 1974[br]Mercury Thunderbolt 800 1972[br]Maple Valley, WA[br][br]

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    In the past we painted our 250 as it sits on the trailer. Yes the rollers are in the way. Just replaced all the rollers last year which were old and covered with paint. So I dont advise trying to paint the bottom while on the trailer. Maybe on the 15 you slide the boat forward or backward paint an area letting it dry and then move it back. So while I had our trailer at the dealers for inspection they wanted like $18/ft to sand and paint bottom plus up north here they said temps had to be above 50 degrees for paint to adhere. Told them no thanks and we'll find a work around. Since you trailer why even bother painting the bottom.
    Keyman[br]Paoli, PA


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      I hung my 25 by 2 cherry pickers and laid underneath it. probably wasnt the safest. But whats the fun in being safe? I did support one side and suspend another and did it in 2 parts. im sure a 15 would be a lot easier this way
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        When i would have to paint boats on a roller trailer, depending on how many rollers, i would paint the hull around the rollers then push or crank the boat so the boat would roll the unpainted parts off the rollers, then paint the unpainted parts. But its easiest if you can get the boat off the trailer and block it.
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          Thanks for the replies. I guess the simplest way would be to roll the boat back on the trailer, paint the sections, and then move the boat back forward while having the boat on the trailer.

          I have no plans to paint the bottom of the boat at this point, but I take pride in making the Mako like new, so I can see myself painting the entire boat in a couple of years. Most important thing for me right now is the engine. It needs repainting, especially with the bear metal exposed on the lower unit. Hope to do paint it in June.

          Some of the color schemes I have seen on pictures from this group are really nice. I would consider painting the bottom and lower sides similar (color other than white), then keep the original color on the top sides and interior. I like keeping the boat stock as well, but I have time to make decisions.
          Mark Kriz[br]Mako15 1974[br]Mercury Thunderbolt 800 1972[br]Maple Valley, WA[br][br]