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transom add on's 1979 mako

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  • transom add on's 1979 mako

    I bought my 1979 19' Mako with my paper route back in 1985. I have had it ever since. There has always been an issue with water rushing in when I move to the stern. I need to repower her soon and know it will be even heavier then the 1982 150 hp mariner thats on there now. I am considering adding two "pontoon" style boxes on each side of the stern to add buoyancy and will double as a swim platform. Does any one have any idea or pics on it being done already. I was gonna make it out of 1/2" plywood then glass. Think that will be strong enough or can I get away with 3/8" to save some wait. I am basically looking for any idea's here

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    Hey neverenough

    You really dont need wood for strength. You could use foam core or you could build a temporary mold using melamine and do glass only. I would do three mats and a biax (1708). If you use plywood You can use 3/8 for sure as you are basically just using it to get the shape.


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      Where are your batteries located? Moving them to the console would get weight off your stern and help with the water problem.


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        What about high flotation Armstrong bracket and leave the transom notched so that the bracket could be around 12 or 14 inch long? I would move all the weight you can up front you can. Does the transom have water in the plywood adding extra weight?
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