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Mako 20C Revising Rod Holders AND AND AND...

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  • Mako 20C Revising Rod Holders AND AND AND...

    So I've been away from CM since the photo bucket debacle that was causing so much aggravation here BUT I've been using the time to stock my freezer with ducks! Season ended last weekend so its that time of year again to start tackling some boat punchlist items.

    None of my rod holders in my gunnels are reinforced with backing plates and I've got some ideas on how to go bout doing so on the aft rod holders. The fwd rod holders are a no brainer since I can access them through the gunnel rod "lockers". After removing one them, the wood was never sealed from the hole saw cut and I'm not really all that reassured that just some backing plates will be enough strength wit the condition the holes are in. It looks like someone missed with the drill on a previous rod holder replacement job so I've got some hogged out holes.

    What would you do to start from scratch that would be stronger? A decent sized backing plate would add signifiant strength but I want "Penn International V 2 Speed 50W" sense of security while pulling wahoo lures between bottom spots. Not sure I'm feeling all that solid dropping $1700 outfits into these rod holders with just a plate. I plan on cranking from the gunnel with them too and I need the updated fix to stand up to the force of a high speed strike.

    I was also considering revising the layout a little if the old rod holder holes were to be filled. Wouldn't hurt my feelings at all to be able to mount a downrigger base in between the the two rod holders on the days when I'd only be pulling 2 lines instead of 4.

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    So no responses so far. I guess I need to clarify my question.

    How would you plug the old rod holder holes and reinforce the area before drilling and cutting new holes for slightly relocated rod holders?
    1987 Mako 20C[br]2007 Yamaha 150TXR[br]1973 Mako 17 Angler - SOLD[br]


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      I think if I were looking to be able to put that much stress on there and had the same concerns you seem to have, Id probably consider cutting the top skin and recoring
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        How far up the gunnel from the boxes do you think Id need to go? Im not really sure how far the original wood goes?
        1987 Mako 20C[br]2007 Yamaha 150TXR[br]1973 Mako 17 Angler - SOLD[br]


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          Can you snap a picture of your gunnel? I am not real familiar with the 20. I can snap a picture of the underside of the 224 gunnel if it is close.

          I agree top skin, recore, fair the seems
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