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"84" 17' angler needs new gas tank

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  • "84" 17' angler needs new gas tank

    I'm a First timer for this kind of work, I am pretty handy, my background is mostly carpentry. So I need your Help/advise.

    C C is disconnected, Hatch is off,I took the gas soaked foam off the top of the tank, about a dozen tiny holes in the top and the hoses are shot. This weekend I will pull the tank hopefully.

    Question, Is there a place I can buy a tank and the hoses in the north east? or will I have to suck it up and pay the shipping from FLA or Texas? Suggestions for a supplier, please.

    Has anyone used a replacement poly tank? Is there a company that can make one?

    Thanks in advance for any advise and info!



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    I'd look for a fabricator in your area and see what it would cost to have a new tank built matching your old tank. I might be cheaper than having one shipped. You can use a pressure washer to blow the old foam out of the coffin area. IMO easier than chipping or cutting. I'd replace the fill tube as well.


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      Thanks for the insight Dogman, I am surprised that no one is making poly tanks for these boats because the aluminum tends to get pitted over time. I think I will replace all the wiring as well. throttle Controls and steering cable are in great shape. I hope to post some pix soon.


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        Tanks are coated with Coal-tar Epoxy to "prevent" corrosion. My original tank lasted about 30 years before it leaked. They were just zinc chromate painted. I think the ethanol additive was the start of the pitting problem. Now I use nonethanol fuel. More expensive, but no water absorbson,I hope.


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          got it, makes sense. I'll see how this rip out goes this weekend.

          Can't wait


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            I got specs on a poly tank from Moeller. I'll post the diagram they sent me. It's the same size as my existing tank. but the fill configuration is a little different. I'm not sure if I'm going to use this one or not.


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              Our previously owned 17 had a poly tank installed by PO. Just a few comments with the install: Poly tank didn't have a hole for a fuel tank level sensor so one was cut in place and secured with SS screws. I never trusted that install which had sealant smeared all around the sensor flange. Also the location of the fill and vent inlets required that the tank be mounted forward of console with cheap plastic cover for access which was not water tight. I suggest going with a metal tank material of choice and have it coated. For the price Sunshine in Fla. will ship a tank made for your 17.
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                Not sure where in the N.E. you are, but we replaced the tank in a 17' last year, we're in Ct.

                Used Luther's Welding in R.I. - they had the drawing on file.

                They were good.

                We didn't coal tar, and we didn't foam.


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                  I see your in Brooklyn there are two tank fabricators in Farmingdale that I know of. Ram welding and fabrication 631 420 9594 and Alloy Metal works 631 6948163. I know of two people who used Ram and were happy with them. Now if you have a small tank I would go with a poly tank. I had a 26gal tank in a wellcraft that I had and never had a problem.
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                    Thanks for the info, had some challenges lately, had to take time away from this project. hope to get back at it soon.

                    I'll report back when continue work.


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                      I just got my tank done by Patriot Marine in North Jersey, they did a amazing job
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                        There is also a company called speedy tanks somewhere around central new Jersey. I was gonna use them but found a good price in one already made from Great lakes skipper. Shipping wasn't that bad and I saved around $200.
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                          Billybob, Just curious to know why you didn't coal tar or foam your tank in place?


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                            So I found someone to make the tank. Next question, what kind of foam should I use, open cell or closed cell? Should I just buy the foam in a can? Seems like I would only use a few cans?