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Hollow spot found in transom

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  • Hollow spot found in transom

    Been working on my 235 little by little. Started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Randomly hit the port side of the transom where the ubolt mounts on and it is hollow. Used a 1"hole saw and sure enough found wood confetti. I eventually knew the transom would have to be replaced, but was looking to do it a couple years after completing all the other repairs and phases of my restoration project. The rest seems well sounds solid. My concern is should I just open up that area and put new wood in for a temp fix or do the whole transom new?

    Ideas are welcome. Looking for the best most in expensive options possible as I have already put in for new tank, new electrical, new wiring, new, electronics, new paint, etc.

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    Do the whole transom.

    Wood is probably cheapest, but nida-pour/arjay is best. I'd guess you could squeek out a nida transom for $1k in supplies if you DIY.
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      Justin, thanks for the reply. I was thinking there was no one left on here to give suggestions or ideas.

      I decided to do the whole thing, going to keep it open transom with alittle bit of mod to close it up and prevent splash back.

      Only thing I am not sure of is the layout. With mount of and type of matting, and the resin. As of now, since the hull is made with poly, i am going to do 95% with poly and then the last layer of mat or coat to seal with epoxy.