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  • 171 battery relocate

    Hey guys I have a 91 171 and am considering moving my batteries to the bow. I have the console off for a tank replacement and was thinking of moving the batteries since the console gets kinda crowded with the oil tank and such. Has any one done this? What are your thoughts

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    I don't recommend moving the batteries to the bow. One reason is that the amount of bouncing the batteries would be subject to as the boat travels in rough water. If you have wet cell batteries you will have battery acid spilling out. The bow on the 17 would be tight for mounting two batteries plus the ancor. Consider moving the oil tank to one of the back boxes and place the batteries under the console. Your battery cable run will be shorter with the batteries location. On our old 17 the PO removed the ice cooler from the seat assembly which was ideal from installing the batteries in cases with straps under the front seat section.
    Keyman[br]Paoli, PA