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Posting from imgur to CM.....please help

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  • Posting from imgur to CM.....please help

    This has been frustrating, but Ive been told and I see another users post that I need to generate BBCode to load photos. Where on imgurs Site do I do that? I dont have the same imgur screen that I see screenshot of. I see someone else asking for help earlier in December, but no answer and not explained in previous posts. I have tried to email active users and get an error that I dont have permission because I havent posted enough. All of the past project photobucket pics that sounded like there would be a fix back in July, there is nothing posted and pics still blacked out. Somebody wrote me that its a google chrome thing and since Im on IOS, Im outta luck.

    Ive started redoing floor in my 74 20CC, but need to make some crucial decisions quickly. Cant even explain until I can get pics loaded.

    Would site admin let me buy copies of recovered PB photos from past projects so I can make better informed decisions as I try to breathe some life into this old girl?

    Any suggestions are appreciated and welcomed!


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    Steve, I am no imgur expert either as I have been posting for years with photobucket. When I load an image to imgur I click on my user name in the upper right hand corner and select images. I then click on the one I am interested and I get this:

    You can see there are multiple link options, I use the BBcode. Sizing seems to be a challenge. I had to edit the pic and up in the right hand corner change the first proportion number to 500 and save it
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      Hi Steve,

      Are you wanting to see pics from previous posts or upload your pics via imgur to the classic mako site? If you're trying to look at pics from older posts, the only way to see those pics right now is to use google chrome as your web browser and install the extension as explained in this post:

      If you're trying to upload your pics via imgur, just know that you can't do this from the iphone imgur app. It can only be done from the desktop version.

      Hope this helps, Chris
      Chris[br]Fort Myers,Fl[br]1986 Mako 20C[br]2003 Yamaha 150


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        Thank you for both responses! Im going to try from computer today.