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New to Me 1998 Mako 191 CC - Repower?

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  • New to Me 1998 Mako 191 CC - Repower?

    Hi All. I recently purchased a 1998 Mako 191 CC from it's previous owner here on Long Island, New York.

    The boat is currently winterized, wrapped and stored until the spring, however I've got a number of projects to look forwards too.

    I'm looking to rewire the boat, replace all the gauges/switches, as well as replace all the electronics. Currently, there is a dedicated FishFinder and separate Chart plotter/GPS that I'll likely replace them with a single combo unit. The existing VHF is also shot, so I'll be replacing that as well.The boat currently doesn't have a radio, so I'll be adding a Marine AM/FM Bluetooth receiver with 2 pairs of speakers.

    Mechanically speaking, the helm/steering cables are original, so I will be swapping out to a No-Feedback Helm along with new cables.

    The outboard, is my biggest debacle at the moment. The biggest reason I bought this particular hull, is due to it's hull design and layout. I don't really fish (although friends do), but I regularly anchor up with other boats at the sandbars in the bays of Long Island. A hull with the bow storage lockers/seating was one of my main priorities.

    One of my other top priorities was to have some power on the transom. Unfortunately (??), this hull has the 135 Offshore Merc, whereas 90% of other 191 Mako's I've seen have the 150hp outboard, which is the max rating. I figured it will be easier to repower (which doesn't need to be immediate) than it would be to find the "whole package."

    Am I in a rush to get anywhere on the water? Absolutely not, but I love having the extra power behind me, should I need/want it. That being said, I'm already looking to swap power for a 150hp 2-stroke. A 4-stroke would be great, but it's not in my budget.

    During my sea trial, with 2 adults, and less than 1/4 tank of fuel (70gal capacity), I think we were hitting around 36-37 mph's, which to me, is slower than desired. Will bumping up to the 150hp outboard really improve my performance much? Anyone have a 1996-2001 191 (I believe are the years of production) with a 150 2-stroke? Do you recall your WOT?

    If insurance is not an issue, and I am not concerned about Law Enforcement, would exceeding the MAX HP capacity be a terrible idea? I'm (slightly) considering putting a 175hp 2-stroke back there, but am more concerned about the added weight on the transom, and how the hull will handle the added power.

    In a perfect world, I'd like to have a top end speed in the mid to upper 40's, but obviously there are compromises to be made.

    Could I settle with the 135; certainly.

    Is it worth de-rigging and selling my current outboard to buy/rig a 150hp, just to gain 2 or 3 mph's? Maybe not.

    Looking forward to hearing your opinions/suggestions.

    (Or scolding for even considering to exceed the max hp rating; hehe)

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    Congrats on the hull you are looking for. How many hours on the 135? Can be worn down and a newer 150 could exceed your expectations. What is the weight difference on the 175? I added a 250 to my 224 and it is over the MPH but that was from 1984 and I have had no issues with insurance. The 300 i was looking at only provided 2-3 MPH so I opted to go 250.Sounds like you have your hands full on the projects. Major overhaul with the wiring and electronics. Hopefully the Hull was at a bargain price.
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      My buddy has a 96 19 mako with no t top and bottom paint. He repowered with a 150 Etec and his boat is fast. I ran it and was impressed with the power and would say it was in the upper 40s top end.
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        I have a 2000 Mako 191 that is powered by a 2008 Yamaha F150. IMHO, this seems to be the perfect power choice for how I use the boat. I have an large T-top installed on the boat and can reach speeds just over 40mph. I'm currently running a 4-blade prop to help the boat plane quicker and usually cruise comfortably at 25 mph @ 3800 while getting around 4mpg. Even with the added weight of the four stroke on the back the boat sits level in the water and the scuppers are still above the waterline. From my understanding, those Mercury 135's are pretty stout motors so I'm not sure how much of an increase in performance you would see in moving from that to a 150hp. If it is currently running good I'd probably continue to run it until it become problematic or dies. Maybe try swapping props to see if you can get close to the speed you are looking for. I also have Lenco trim tabs on mine and I cannot stress how much of a positive difference they make in how this hull rides/performs.
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          I have 1978 19 with a 2001 Merc 125 on the back and with 3 grown men on the boat I can hit 36mph at WOT. By myself I can hit 40mph. you may need to play with the prop. I have used mine a lot over the past 3 years and I know my foam is water logged so I feel like that slows me down. Good luck!
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            I have a 98 191. I bought it in 2013, with the originAL Merc 150 offshore with 3 blade stainless prop. With full fuel and 2-3 people I would hit about 40-42 wide open 5200rpm, cruise 3800-4k rpm at 28mph or so with a full aluminum a,d canvas top t top. Last spring I repowered to a new Merc 150 4stroke. I already had Baystar hydraulic steering and bennet tabs I out on year after I bought it. Now I get about 30-30mph cruise at same rpm, and 44mph top end at 5300rpm. I had 45hrs on the motor at the end of the season, and was able to use my old ss prop, it's a mirage but I forget the size. I also went with the single Merc monitor electronic gauge. So far very happy. My old motor ran like a top, but could be a bear to start when cold. It was in like new condition, I cold it for 3500, included oil tank, hoss, controls, and 3 years new full set of telex gauges.
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