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20' Floors and stringers question

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  • 20' Floors and stringers question

    Forgive my ignorance. I'm coming from the aquasport world. In the aquasports the floor sits on and is attached to wide stringers. However looking at some of the 20' rebuilds here it seems the stringers are very thin and short and the floor isn't actually attached to them.

    What supports the floors in the classic makos? Can someone help me understand these boats a little more.
    1994 mako 181

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    Not sure of the 20 but the 224 is supported with Foam. The cells around the stringers are high density foam and floor is attached to that. Most people if pulling the floor will build the stringers wider and up and have the floor attach to the stringer.
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      What year is it? Makos have always had a lot of foam but in the early 80s they went to a hull/liner interlocked with foam concept. Read through the Mako history Q&A thread, you can get a lot of firsthand insight to how/why they built things!

      But yeah, in most makos the floor is supported by foam and the fact that it is integral to the liner, which is supported by the hull sides and under deck structure (like tank coffin) which are all foamed to the hull.

      If youre keeping the original liner mostly intact, I wouldnt recommend trying to raise the stringers. It really opens a can of worms.