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Painting under deck/bilge areas on 1974 Mako 20

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  • Painting under deck/bilge areas on 1974 Mako 20

    Ive finally got the floor cut out, removed a bunch of foam (which was all dry except a small patch in the bow) and have decided to leave out the plumbed storage box in the bow. Ive put a bulkhead behind and in front of tank compartment, and will put another in front of the 2 little bow seats/steps in a 74. My thought was to just make a hatch, bilgekote the floor and use this space between bulkheads as storage. Much bigger than box and doesnt need to be plumbed. Any water will just run through weep holes, under tank compartment, and back to bilge.

    Does anybody see any problems with this? I am going to put AeroMarine foam back in all spaces other than bilge and between those forward bulkheads.

    Also, I was going to use the old dry chunks of foam I removed to take up volume and save $ on AeroMarine foam. Does anybody know of a reason not to do this?

    Thanks in advance,


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    *** I was going to reuse the 2 side by side aft fish boxes that were in boat originally, but am open to any mods that might be better. My hull came with no lids on any of these or forward boxes so I have to recreate them. I was just going to glass 1/2 marine ply with latches and hinges, but you all might have much better ideas. I havent seen much already on here as most past projects are blanked out photobucket pics. Ideas very appreciated!


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      I did something similar on my 17. Bulkheads just forward of the fuel tank compartment where Im standing and then under the anchor locker bulkhead. I put a floor in it so water drains underneath and the gear in there stays mostly dry.


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        Steve, set up an account with imgur, a photo hosting site that is free and post up some pics.

        I have seen others reuse chunks of old foam to save a few bucks.

        If I understand what you are asking, it sounds as if there will be an open area under the tank to a locker up front all connected to the bilge. The thing I dont like about that is if you ever find yourself in a tough situation with a lot water in the boat like taking a big wave or something, you can get a lot of water in places it doesn't belong and things can get bad fast.
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          I like the floor in forward compartment 2TDave, great idea and this will be easy to do at this point. Thank you!

          TripleCrown, I will definitely set up with imgur today. Is there anything I can do that will allow me to see all those previously posted photobucket pics that are now blocked? Theres got to be so much great content in there of everybodys mods and restorations, Id love to be able to see!

          As for water in places it doesnt belong, I guess the guttered and plumbed box was a better way of doing this in case of taking on lots of water. I need to think this out before I go too far in wrong direction. I hadnt thought of taking that much water over the bow, but I see what you mean. Ill get my pics posted and maybe with some input, a better solution is what is needed.

          I think the photos that have guided me so far were from Triple Crown Mako project, what did you do with space in front of tank between bulkheads? From the posted pics, it looked like it was painted white and left empty, which is how I chose this option. Did you just leave this sealed by floor with no hatch?

          I have a question as I have not seen my boat float at this point, but as there is bottom paint, I can somewhat guess what waterline will be. Looking at the 3 plumbed boxes, (1 large square in bow with plumbed drain and plumbed lid gutter, 2 rear cockpit rectangle boxes with drains plumbed as well) these boxes all are plumbed into schedule 40 pvc and look to just drain through transom below waterline. Wont water be coming back into plumbing when boat is stopped and fishing?

          I need to upload my pics, so theres a reference point.


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                I am copying links from Imgur one at a time, am I doing this right? Where should I post all my photos of this from beginning to end?

                And I am only getting links to post, how do I actually get photos inserted? I cant seem to find a way to copy and push BBcode on my Imgur app. Im on iPad, do I need to be on computer?


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                  You will want any hatch in the floor to be sealed. Daytrip makes some great hatches with gutters and seals if your like me and dont have the time and skills are not at the point of making your own yet. Heres the trapezoid hatch he makes on my bow cap/casting platform. I cut it in and set it yesterday. Will add a layer of glass and fair today.


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                    Copy the BB code for each photo and paste each one in your response. There are multiple links and it appears you are using the wrong one.

                    If you are connecting the bilge to lockers forward of the cockpit with PVC lines its really no different than I did, When I am using the boat I have that line plugged in the bilge so that if I somehow get a ton of water in the boat it cannot go forward.
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