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224 fuel tank removal/ Tank Complete

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  • 224 fuel tank removal/ Tank Complete

    took the lid off today, heres what I'm working with. still trying to figure out how to post pictures with imgur

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    That first picture does not look good
    [br]1984 Mako 224[br]1977 Mako 15[br]Clermont, Florida- [br] -Rewire[br] -Tank/Misc[br] - Aft Box removal


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      Good luck -- you will be glad when its over, huge peace of mind.
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        You can bet that the foam underneeth the tank and under the coffin is soaked.


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          Got some more foam out.

          Where the fuel lines go into the side, does not look good


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            Did you find any t shirts stuffed in there?
            1983 224


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              Didn't find any T shirts. hoping to have the tank out by end of next week. Still undecided if i should cut the coffin box out. If i do, where should i cut? And is there foam under the coffin? If there is, how would i go about pulling the coffin out? And how would i go about putting the coffin back in?


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                I cut mine about 8 inches down and around. Pulled out. Yes foam under the coffin but not much. Most are held on Photobucket. here are a few

                Coffin cut out and hull cleaned up and forward bulkhead added

                Prior to bulkhead

                Coffin glassed back in

                Tank in and sealed

                [br]1984 Mako 224[br]1977 Mako 15[br]Clermont, Florida- [br] -Rewire[br] -Tank/Misc[br] - Aft Box removal


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                  Thanks for the pics snappergapper. Did you put foam on top of the tank to support the lid, and how did you go about glassing the coffin box back in. Thanks for all the info. This is my first big project Im doing with the help of my dad.


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                    I did not add foam to the top. I recored my lid with composit. No need for the foam on top. Just tp the edge then glassed over.

                    The coffin was put back in with some 1708 12" role. It was a two person job until the first pass kicked. I did foam under the coffin through the holes then glassed the holes over.
                    [br]1984 Mako 224[br]1977 Mako 15[br]Clermont, Florida- [br] -Rewire[br] -Tank/Misc[br] - Aft Box removal


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                      Here are a couple of shots that show the minimally invasive path I took at removing the bottom of the coffin and the race of the coffin so I could remove all of the wet foam underneath and crawl in to get the wet foam and replace the bow locker drain. Cuts were made with one of those vibrating multi-cutters with a fine blade which makes a cut as thin as a hacksaw blade su putting everything back together was easy peasy.

                      To put the pieces of fiberglass back together I just stitched everything back together using copper wire to pull all the gaps tight until I got the first layer of fiberglass tape and epoxy down. Then I removed the wires and put on a couple more layers of cloth and resin.


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                        Finally was able to get the tank out.

                        The tank did not want to come out and took much longer than expected

                        Hooked up a 6x6 with ratchet straps only to break the all of the brackets. Had to drill into the tank to hook a chain.

                        Tank was in ok shape, Did not have time to give the tank a good inspection yet.

                        Next up is to dig out the rest of the foam. Couldn't tell how much water was in the coffin, whatever was in there was frozen.


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                          Sunshine Marine tanks are what a lot of people use on this site, they are great to deal with and support CM every year. Give them a call. If you can have the tank shipped to a business address its not all that expensive.
                          David, New Kent, Va

                          Project Thread:


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                            Cut the coffin all the way around. It seems to be stuck where the side walls meet the floor of the coffin. Any ideas on how to get it out?


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                              If you cant get it out in one piece then I would cut it in half it makes it a lot easier. You pull the stern side up towards the bow and it should pop the seal. Use the factory holes as a hole to grab for leverage
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