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  • 1977 mako 25

    I bought 1977 mako 25 from a widow for $5000. I have found that I've paid too much. We are boaters. My dad has a 39' midnight express with quad 300's and I have a 17' key west. I decided I wanted to go bigger and then came across this boat sitting in the back of my mechanics yard.

    The boat has a tower and twin 225 ocean pros that are in excellllent shape.

    I have replaced all the fuel lines, steering lines and throttle controls.

    I went to go float it and the boat wouldn't take any gas. It would shoot it right back out o the filler.

    That was the day before thanksgiving and it's all I thought about until today.

    I decided to rip raise the console and lift the deck off the tanks. I found severely rotted foam and two bad tanks that I can only assume are original.

    The foam came right up and we got it all done today. I plan on pulling the main tank tmmr and going from there.

    I really would like to be able to do day trips to the Bahamas as I'm in palm beach and it's just under 60 miles away.

    Has anyone on here put bigger tanks in these boats? If so how big? How much?

    I'm gonna try and figure out how to post pictures.

    Thanks in advance.

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    if you have twin tanks they probably are original and while you have them out you need to remove the aluminum elbow in the fuel fill. It is how the hoses made the 90* transition from the gunwale to under the floor. If you have a good hull and motors I don't think you paid too much at all.
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      There is quite a bit of room to put 1 big single tank. I know One member here removed the forward bulkhead and mounted his tank all the way up through that forward bilge. Mine was fitted with a single 116 gallon 15 years ago and it seems like there is a lot more room to go bigger
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        I have a 1985 254 and I wanted to utilize the room in both areas for one massive tank, but decided not to do it.

        I wanted to slide the after larger tank all the way forward as well, but the two coffins were not the same size, so I just went back with the original.

        If I had more time or was redoing the floor in the boat, I think I would have gone one of those routes.
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          Hunter whos to say if you paid too much. I mean you say it has twin 255 Ocean pros that are in excellent condition those are pretty good motors and I would say there is value there, at least 2K a piece. The hull, the tower and the trailer if you got one. All of these things have value; I dont think you paid too much. Remember this is a 40 year old boat. Not very realistic to think it was going to be a turnkey jump in and shoot over to the Bahamas. That being said any boat thats 20 years or older probably needs a new tank if original. Things to look for, fuel tank, soft transom, floor and stringers. Time and money is all it takes, yes you can for the most part put in as big of a tank as you want within reason. You really have to be concerned with CG but putting in a bigger tank is not unusual. A lot of guys actually go to a smaller tank because theyve repower with a more fuel efficient four stroke. Best of luck with your project, post lots of pics.
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            I am in the process of removing my tanks. let me know what you decide to have built. I want to go back in with a single 150 gallon tank.
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              Originally posted by Prater

              I am in the process of removing my tanks. let me know what you decide to have built. I want to go back in with a single 150 gallon tank.

              Its the one thing Regret in my project, I should have pulled the tank and gone back with a single 150gal
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                I just put a 125 gallon in mine