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  • bladder tank questions

    So I just recently pulled my 1989 201 after discovering there is a fuel leak somewhere in the system. I'm not sure if it's a leak in the tank or in the supply line, I replaced the fuel line to the engine about 4 years ago when i purchased the boat. Anyway, my question is, if it does turn out that the leak is in the tank has anyone had any experience with installing bladder tanks, is the company I'm looking at. Also, does anyone have the internal dimensions of the original fuel tank or a place to look so I can send it to them for a quote? Any assistance would be much appreciated.

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    good chance your tank is shot... makos of that vintage have a lot of foam and not a lot of drainage which results in pitting of the tank. Even if it's not bad yet, if you plan to keep the boat a new tank is a good investment because it's probably only a matter of time.

    I assume you're talking about replacing the original tank and not just putting a bladder on deck? No experience with the bladders, and never seen anybody retrofit one. Seems like a pretty specialized product for racing/other extreme performance applications. Don't know that you would need or want it on a recreational boat, but maybe if it was
    I think you'll find most guys on here go with aluminum, and probably a majority from Sunshine Marine Tanks (myself included) unless they have a local manufacturer. They have a pretty stellar reputation for quality, easy to work with, and very competitive pricing. Just to give you an idea I ordered a custom 111 gal tank w/ epoxy coating and mounting tabs, came to about $1000 plus shipping (about $100 for crate, $100 from Miami to Virginia). Pricing is basically by the gallon, so if you figure $8-10/gal you'll be in the ballpark.

    I'm sure somebody here should be able to get you the OEM tank dimensions for your boat, but you might also try calling Sunshine - they have a huge database of past tanks and I'd be willing to bet they have dimensions on file for your Mako.

    good luck, lots of knowledge here so keep asking questions!


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      The original tank will have baffles in it, so you'd have to cut the top off the tank and remove them.

      I'd just plan on a replacement aluminum tank personally.