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  • Repower 92 241

    Will be re-powering soon, want to change to 4 stroke for increased range. With the weight I'm thinking I can only go 150's or smaller. What have you guys found to be the best option to replace the Merc 200's 2 strokes. They only weigh around 400lbs each but 4 strokes are much heavier.

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    I don't see a post in your signature to look at your boat. Do you have a bracket? Transom mounted? Do the old sand bag trick and see how much weight you can hang back there and feel comfortable with. Just keep adding the weight with sand bags until you hit the 4 stroke #'s. Just remember to fill your live well. Cooler , people ect to max load so you don't over do it....
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      if you search around the site using google twin 150's should work well and push in the lower 40's no idea as for weight though. theirs a 241 for sale in Florida with a single 250 that apparently runs in the low 30's so I might not cut out a single 300 or 350 but that's just me
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