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Mako 25 average cost for prep and painting of hull

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  • Mako 25 average cost for prep and painting of hull

    Hi folks, just trying to get a gauge of potential cost. I know it could be a wide range but what Im looking to do is strip boat and bring hull and console to a painter and have it redone. Assume allot of screw holes to fill and some chips and cracks to fill and putting non skid on decks and gunwales. Assume a good grade of imron or equivalent.

    Thanks for any input!

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    I painted my own 25 Last year. I ended up rolling and tipping because I couldnt get it into our shops garage and Spraying outside sucked. The roll and tip looks great and everyone thinks I sprayed it.

    I worked in a body shop for years and I had countless hours/Days into my prep and filler work. When I last worked in a body shop the labor rates were mandated at $44/hour. Even if you assume a week of prep youre looking at $1600 in just prep than probably double it for paint and materials. I bed itd be close to a 4-6K job to have the paint professionally done.
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      $750 in materials if you do it yourself. $5k if you have it done. Muzzy is right, it's all in the prep. I did mine and I had never used a spray gun before and I get comments all the time, but clearly it's not yacht quality.
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        ok, maybe I should clarify, I dont want it painted and tipped. Prepped, primed with high build primer, sanded and painted with either a high-grade Imron or Marine based Awlgrip type paint. The sprayed boats will always come out better. I know there are the die-hard roller guys here, but my mind is made up on having it sprayed. I have been getting a quote at about $8k to do the whole thing so just seeing if that is reasonable, high or low. There are allot of guys on here who have done restorations so I figure I come to the source. I called Babylon boatworks in Long Island but they said 15 to 20 k (ouch) but they said the boat will be like showroom new. Im not looking for showroom restoration. Just clean the thing up and a repaint to make it look fresh again.


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          sounds like the number is between 8K-20K then to pay someone to do it. We used to charge 8K to paint large SUVs. If you want showroom quality on your 30+year old boat itll cost closer to 20. 8-10 doesnt sound far off. Epoxy primers are expensive some are 400$ a gallon its been 5+ years since I worked in a shop.

          Plus there is their markup. and you need a shop that can fit the boat in it. Ask a school district who paints their busses maybe.
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            Take her to the VOC and let the students spray her for the cost of paint. [:I]
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              Most quotes I have been getting are around $200/ft interior and $125/ft exterior.
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