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1976 20 mako fuel tank question??

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  • 1976 20 mako fuel tank question??

    Hey guys hopefully Yall can help me with this. I have a fuel tank question. So this is the second mako I have had in the last 30 years my previous mako I replace the fuel tank in it on this boat I am replacing the fuel tank and Im not sure whether to go with with aluminum or poly, and also where can I buy a direct replacement.

    Luckily getting the tank out wasnt very hard. Your help would be much appreciated!

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    I would try www.the* I'm gonna be calling them for a replacement as well. Their web site looks like they could help you.
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      It's the marine with no spaces. I don't know why it didn't post like I spelled it the first time.
      1977 mako 23


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        Thanke striper! ill look them up...


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          Call Lucy at Sunshine Tanks in Medley,FL. She was a pleasure to work with on the tank for my 1975 M20 project.

          They are very knowledgeable on these boats. Mine was well made and securely crated for shipment. I'm sure they probably have the original dimensions.
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            Highly doubt that place will have.

            You probably want to go aluminum. Poly has problems, though can't remember whether durability, or size, or other.

            Keep the old one as a model for size and fill/vent locations, and have your local tank shop make up a new one.

            Post where you are, and others here could probably suggest some tank makers to try.

            Good luck!
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              I recall reading during my research that RDS Aluminum in Florida makes the tanks for Mako and still has all of the dimensions etc.. on file to build replacements. Id look them up and give them a call if you want an exact replacement for the original tank.