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76 Mako 23' Hull Extensions. I have questions

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  • 76 Mako 23' Hull Extensions. I have questions

    I am looking at installing two pods underneath a bracket that is like a Armstrong bracket to increase displacement of the hull so that the boat will float higher in the water at the stren.

    NOTE: My photos have NOT been up dated! My boat is completed and is not in the rough stage as seen in photo.

    1. Has any one tried this on a 1976 23' Mako center console?

    2. If so what where the results? Like boat handling

    3. Fiberglass Pod's, glassed to the hull?

    4. Or Pods mounted underneath the deck of the swim platform?

    Which could be 4200 to the transom as well.


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    first of all there is no photo that I can see? Most brackets with a tub for flotation have it centered on the hull. I think the reason for this is that its a vee hull and the amount of the tub below the waterline is what is going to offset the engine weight. so one wide tub vs two small ones will more readily accomplish what you are trying to do


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      Nevets, you ready for a 25 project yet? Mine is still sitting there asking about you[]