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Removing splash well 1981 20

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  • Removing splash well 1981 20

    Has anyone ever re worked the deck on a 20 to remove the splash well? Seems like it takes up a ton of floor space. If anyone has pics or advice I'd appreciate it.
    1981 Mako 20[br]Georgetown, SC

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    When I did my '76 M20, I took the splashwell out and made a 6" x 2" deep well in the back for the scuppers. You have to raise the transom if you do this or else come up with a way to catch water that may come over the 20" transom. Good luck.
    Andy[br]Wilmington, NC[br][br]2012 Hydra Sports 3000VX[br]1997 Mako 263 (SOLD)[br]1976 Mako 20 (SOLD)


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      Absolutely! Great modification

      Check out my project page. (link below in signature)

      Fishead6 hit the nail on the head.

      raise transom and replace scuppers. I created regulator style scuppers.

      1973 20\' Mako[br][br]Old Lyme, CT