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Motor Test without Boat Wiring

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  • Motor Test without Boat Wiring

    I have to show my boat to prospective buyers and the boat currently is without wiring. I have the battery cables on the motor still, but all other wiring components and wiring has been stripped. Is there a way to safely (for the motor) rig the motor to a battery without rewiring the boat?

    Any suggestions or examples would be great.

    Annapolis, MD[br]First time boat owner. [br]1973 Mako 20[br][br]

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    You mentioned without wiring. You still have the motor harness to helm right? IS the binnacle intact? The reason I ask is for neutral safety switch interlock. Also is there a kill switch? If both have been demoed you'll need to jumper these safety interlocks. The neutral safety circuit should be red/ylw stripped wire to ignition switch and the kill switch might be ylw/blk stripped wire. Hope this helps.
    Keyman[br]Paoli, PA