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Need Specs for original 60 Gal fuel tank on ‘89 201

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  • Need Specs for original 60 Gal fuel tank on ‘89 201

    The time has come to replace the original tank on my ‘89 201. Got lucky it lasted this long. I’m getting a few quotes on tanks but need the specs to narrow down specific numbers. My tank label must’ve been taken off prior to buying so I can’t access that. Any help is appreciated if anyone has manuals or previous experience. Thank you.

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    Did you get a quote from Sunshine tanks in FL? Even with shipping, they beat most local prices and they probably have the OE tank specs. They did for my 25.


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      mrdelgado-I gave them a call, they're all booked out for their builders at the moment but they gave me some spec of other 20' Mako's they've done and a general price. 1 of the tanks was 48 Gallons, the other was 58 Gallons, so that was a little confusing. Luther's Welding also drew up a spec for me but I'm hesitant because I don't want it to not fit and then I'm stuck with a new tank I can't use. I think my best bet is I'll have to flip the console and get the Specs myself. What do you think?


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        I didn't realize you were in MA. I ended up using Luthers in RI. They did a nice job and the specs were spot on. I had the tank built in the Fall and they told me they were 3 weeks out. It ended up only taking them a week. With Boats as old as ours and DIY'ers mod'ing them, I'd pull your tank, measure and get exactly what you want/need. Then order.


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          Good to hear-Thank you Sir. I think I might go with a smaller tank too if I can just fit some extra foam in there after I replace it.

          QQ that's in another thread if you have any pointers. To start, I will eventually be pulling this tank and replacing. With 3ish months left to be on the water, I wanted to empty the tank and ensure there is no fuel on the outside of it. I was going to buy a temporary, above deck 12 gallon tank and just hook that up to my Suzuki and putt around the river to fish. By using a temporary and emptying the old tank (but not replacing yet), I would think thats a viable option until I open up the console and get in there in the fall. Thought on that?


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            Nothing wrong with temp tanks. You can probably sell it after you're done too, so loss is minimal. Just make sure the temp tank is vented outside the console.



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              Thank you!