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1986 258 Cuddy Cabin: Need to replace rear bucket hatch

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  • 1986 258 Cuddy Cabin: Need to replace rear bucket hatch

    Hey All,

    The cover to the rear bucket on my 1986 258 cuddy cabin. Well, that's probably not the right name for the piece, but I'm having trouble finding the correct name while Google searching. Alas, a picture is worth a thousand words:
    1. What is the correct name of the missing part?
    2. Can I buy a replacement off the shelf, or will I need it custom made? If I can buy a replacement, where should I look?
    Thank you guys in advance!
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    You'll have to make something. I have a pair of ones I made out of starboard with antiskid, works great as a bait cutting board (I never used it for that). LMK if interested, I thought I psoted it in the classifieds, maybe it was the FB group


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      The part you are looking for is commonly called a hatch or hatch door or hatch cover. I would say you are specifically looking for the starboard stern gunnel storage hatch. Maybe call around boat salvage yards for an original replacement or do as Shakes suggested and build something out of starboard.

      This link will take you to a guy that makes standard size hatches. Doubt it would be worth the money to have him make one but no crime in asking.

      edit: oops, he makes hatch openings, not the covers, my bad.
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        Thanks a lot to both of you for the input. Shakes, I'd be interested; would probably have you make both so they match. What would next steps be?