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    So I’m finished with the project and need a cover for my Mako. It’s a ‘79 18 Backcountry with a full beam Maverick poling platform. Does anyone have a suggestion for a custom cover that won’t piss off the wife, price wise? Thanks!
    Captain Scott[br][email protected][br]Fort Lauderdale, FL

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    How tall is that platform? I have a cheap 60 buck size c from Walmart that covers my 19 with bow rails console and engine too. It's cheap, but it works.


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      Look into used transport covers. They are inexpensive and will last a long time. Marine surplus stores would carry several different sizes. I bought one from a 21’ ski boat and it worked well, looked like hell. Just had a custom cover for a 17’ Angler made, not cheap but my previous one lasted 15 years!!!


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        Wife is key, but,....
        You certainly should want to get it covered.
        I'm probably building, a building. along with a cover.
        My wife found a better deal so that equasion is no more for me.
        actually this build of mine is to keep my mind off her..... ohwell.