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surfishjoe's 1989 211 Fuel tank rehab completed!

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  • surfishjoe's 1989 211 Fuel tank rehab completed!

    Well it's about time I started a project thread! Need the advice from the excellent classic mako community as I am fully involved in my first major project and tackling most of the work myself.

    Got the console and t top up on the bow and the coffin lid came up rather easily. Factory did a horrible job sealing the lid there was no sealant in the crack under the console

    Typical of most boats I see on here gas tank was really moldy and slimed up the foam was soaked toward the back of the coffin.

    Trim is in horrible shape going to get a new one made out of starboard. Also going to re core the hatch

    I really went to town on all the sides of the tank to get the foam out and surprisingly the tank popped right out with some ratchet straps. I didn't take any pics but I also dug out the core of the hatch using basic hand tools, most of the wood was damp with a few soft areas. The factory also used a lot of foam type core material in the lay up.

    Fuel at the bottom of the coffin and saturated foam. Notice the strip of rubber the factory used, it caused the pitting that had the leak. There was major pitting around the rear upper corners but the leak was at the bottom at the front of the tank. The majority of the tank was in really good shape however.
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    Cleaned up the coffin and upon digging into the foam holes found soaking wet fuel soaked foam- not good. Looks like the coffin is coming out

    You can see the spot where the pitting is and its right where that rubber strip is.

    I learned a lesson- where a proper respirator and don't have a plumbers crack when grinding and cutting fiberglass! I scratched my ass until it bled and threw out the underwater I was wearing because even after washing them they still made my ass itch!
    [br]Margate NJ[br]1989 Mako 211[br]2009 Etec 200 HO


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      Holy hell! She was soaked with fuel and water top to bottom wet. Time to start excavating

      [br]Margate NJ[br]1989 Mako 211[br]2009 Etec 200 HO


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        Tried getting the coffin out in one piece but no such luck
        [br]Margate NJ[br]1989 Mako 211[br]2009 Etec 200 HO


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          Been clearing foam out from stringer to stringer and as far up as my tools allow me to reach. Foam is dry except for maybe the bottom 1/2". Also tunneled a hole under the livewell to the bilge. Here is my plan any feed back is appreciated:

          1). Pour some foam towards the front before coffin goes in with trailer lowered to see how it expands.

          2). Glass coffin back in. Going to add drains to the bottom rear lowest corners out of pvc that are going to T into one pipe going to bilge. Going to glass a dam of azak board around the drains to act as a dam for both foam and bilge water.

          3). Pour foam through coffin first up front with bow lowered then towards rear with bow jacked up. Then pour through any of the upper holes if needed. Going with 2lb density bought locally at barnegat fiberglass.

          4). Here's where I would like your opinions. Going to cut strips of 3/8" azak and liberally 5200 them to bottom of tank per Pascoes method. After they cure going to put a couple lines of 5200 on the pads and set the tank in the coffin and secure the tabs with screws like it came. Then going to foam only the 4 corners to lock the tank in while still giving it airflow. I have a friend in the house spray foam business who says he has a product that is closed cell and can be precisely sprayed in to use as tank locking foam. Then going to seal up the coffin with life seal or life caulk? What do you recommend for that?

          Yesterday I got the fill line and vent line undone and was happy to see them move freely so maybe I will get lucky with those. Going to try and attach the new hose to the old and pull it through. Also was thinking I should over bore and fill all the many screw holes in the deck from the console, trim, and t top with 610 epoxy then redrill. More pictures coming soon!
          [br]Margate NJ[br]1989 Mako 211[br]2009 Etec 200 HO


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            I'm done removing foam time to start putting her back together

            Got the fill and vent loosened up waiting on new hose before I do anything

            These were the mvps of foam removal

            Hatch core is out fully cleaned up used a harbor freight multi tool for the first time those things are awesome! Going to use a core material called "corelight" it is a high density pvc foam board with excellent screw holding and 27% lighter than ply. I checked out a sample it seemed very rigid and strong

            Looking aft you can see the tunnel of love

            Here is the tunnel of love going to the bilge I cleaned the drain pipe of foam after the pic was taken

            This is looking forward towards the bow. I dug as far as I could with that long pry bar and have a fan blowing up there, it's mostly dry except for the very bottom of the foam touching the hull
            [br]Margate NJ[br]1989 Mako 211[br]2009 Etec 200 HO


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              Well done!! BTW we are all Rookies to some degree....good progress....

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                Anything is possible with an extensive tool collection like the one you have!
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                  Haha thanks dudes. I have to extend a specials thanks to hunt-mor as he helped me with a lot of the stinky foam removal.

                  Update: not much I went to Florida hung with the parents in the palm beach area. Targeted sharks in the surf with topwater and I swear only had to fish for 15 minutes and got blasted by a sizeable spinner/black tip! What an awesome fishery if you like popping! Dam thing went nuts jumping and running line then broke me off when it did the spinner jump and landed on my leader. Got some short snook and trout wading the flats behind singer island and fished a buddy's skiff up in Port St. Lucie more snook some small snapper and jacks. Love it down there's! Back to the boat.

                  Picked up a sheet of Corelite material for coffin. Did a test pour with the foam towards the bow with the trailer tongue on the ground to fill the forward void. Worked well but lifted the drain pipe a little so I may have to trim it back. Going to attempt to put the coffin in today. Decided NOT to put in a drain from coffin. There is only about 2" of room under coffin so going to just seal that baby up and call it good.
                  [br]Margate NJ[br]1989 Mako 211[br]2009 Etec 200 HO


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                    Here is the coffin screwed into place using strips of AZAK. As you can see there were some pretty sizable gaps needing to be filled.

                    Thanks goes out to my co-worker and good buddy Matt of Downbeach Decks who is my fiberglassing assistant. He used a really thick polyester resin putty to spackle the gaps. Going to let it set up before moving on to the next step, layers of 1.5oz cloth. Feels good to be putting her back together!!!
                    [br]Margate NJ[br]1989 Mako 211[br]2009 Etec 200 HO


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                      he did lay some CSM or 1796 across the spackled gaps, right? Otherwise your not going to have a lot of strength there.


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                        Very interested in your project. I will be glassing my coffin back in within the next week or so. Thanks for the updates.


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                          You lost me there shakes what is csm and 1796? (I didn't have coffee when I wrote this chopped strand mat! And the 1796 is I'm guessing a bi axial cloth = stronger?) After the putty cures going to rough it up and lay layers of wetted out 1.5oz cloth (CSM) on the seams. Tthe only fiberglass repair experience I have is with surfboards so any help is appreciated. I realize there is no strength yet figure that would happen with the layers of fiberglass. (CSM). I'm learning haha
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                            CSM = Chopped Strand Mat

                            I've never heard of 1796. Maybe he meant 1708 which is a 17 oz woven fabric with a layer of 3/4 oz CSM stitched onto one side of it. You can get it in either a 90 degree or 45 degree woven pattern. I prefer the 45 degree for most of what I use it for but each has its place. I would definitely recommend adding a few layers of this to the seams in your coffin as opposed to just using CSM. It will yield a much stronger joint when you're done. Be careful if you cut it cross seam as it bigger pieces will tend to stretch as you handle them - particularly if you've already wet it out and then try to handle it (in some instances, you can use this to your advantage).

                            You're doing a fine job so far by the way.
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                              Picked up the tank from Patriot Marine.

                              Made a bulkhead out of 1/2" Azak and glassed it in as a separator between the bilge and the area the new foam will be poured into.

                              Poured 2lb foam ended up using over 4 gallons (total) and I still have to fill the top holes and fill around the tank. I plan on doing the top holes when I do the tank. Remember, me and my buddy's are total kooks when it comes to this so the foam was quite the experience! 40 seconds is no joke on the second pour we stirred it a little to long and is set off before we could get it down the funnel! Next step is to glass the bottom coffin holes and she's ready for the tank!
                              [br]Margate NJ[br]1989 Mako 211[br]2009 Etec 200 HO