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79 mako project??

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  • 79 mako project??

    Im gettin ready to replace the deck and transom on my 79 mako 25. Its rated for 300hp (twin 150 2 strokes) i want to enclose the transom and put an motor bracket and hang twin 200 4 strokes. I know this will change the center balance. Can i move the fuel tank and center console forward to compensate for rhe added weight in the transom. If so is there a calculation to figure out how far forward they need to be moved?

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    Most brackets will add some buoyancy to the stern of the boat, so this might not be as bad as you think. Most folks that do these modifications will move the batteries to under the console and that usually helps some, and I have read that others will shift the tank forward about a foot. On a recent 261 rebuild, they placed a 65 gal fresh water tank under the floor forward of the fuel tank, with the batteries under the console and with the bracket buoyancy, the boat sits just as it should. I think they hung twin 200s 4 strokes on the stern.


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      Here is a link to a program that I used several years ago for center of balance. I can't say that it worked perfectly with my modifications but it was close and it gave me confidence in what I was attemping. I don't know how it will compensate for the floatation provded by your floatation chamber, assuming you use a bracket with a chamber.

      There is a little bit more discussion about balance on the 3rd page of this thread.

      Good luck. Keep us posted please.
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