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  • Operation Kentucky Poo to Kentucky Blue

    Hello all! I'm a few weeks into the reno of a 1976 20' CC . So far, a few surprises. Hoping anyone that has torn one of these apart can throw me some pics of original stringer and bulkhead layout since I've been unable to find pics anywhere. What I have going on looks all but original! Thank you all in advance for any insite, tips etc. I just finished a total rebuild of a 71 15' StarCraft glasser last year. Its a bit too small, but, a first good experience. Posting a few pics of the new ride 😁

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    Port and Starboard stringers are out. Ready to remove a little more foam and start doing some grinding. Replacing transom from the outside, however, once removing the rotten core I found a really thin and bad layup of the inner skin. Will grind it all down and cover with a few layers of epoxy resin and 1708 from inside and tab it all in to the inside of the hull. Going with marine ply core and stringers due to cost and availability of composites in this area. Cut the deck out leaving 3" of perimeter. The balsa was all gone or decomposed. I cleaned out the perimeter and will fit 1/2" marine ply coated in thickened epoxy between the skins, clamp and let dry. Will then fit cleats for placement of the new deck. The question I build the deck outside the boat and glass in the supportive stringer on the under side of the floor as it was, or, build the new stringers to the level of the deck? I get it that pour foam was the structural component supporting the deck, however...


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      I built my stringers up to the level of the deck then screwed the deck down on top of wet epoxy. First layer of decking was 3/4 Plywood and then I went over that with half inch Nida core using Stitch mat on both sides and between every layer.


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        Oceanpro, that's the direction I think I'm headed. Appreciate your reply. Crickets on here so far haha


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          Posting a plea to anyone that has done one of these boats to let me know if this boat had any more than the three stringers you see in my pics or any bulkheads anywhere. I pulled foam from everywhere and can see that the deck had 2 lateral supports glassed to the underside of the deck sole with supports fore and aft of the fish boxes. I have not been able to pull up a single pic of this boat showing hull layout. Thank you all in advance for your input. I have searched this site and cannot pull up pics for some reason.


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            Finished off the 5th layer of 1708 yesterday. Will grind it down and throw up the 6th and final layer giving me a fresh 1/4" skin. Raised transom to 25". Did some grinding today and removed fuel fill, breather, and, center stringer. Still trying to do some planning for stringer height. Can't find any pics on here of stringer layout, but after a few measurements, determined three stringers and no bulkheads is how this boat left the factory.