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Complete rebuild of 1979 Mako 238

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    I stumbled back across your project.
    It is typical of old boats to have mush for wood.
    The 1969 that I'm re-doing had a good bit.
    What I find bulges the floor up on these, is..
    The foam gets wet... it freezes.. it swells like a drink can in the freezer. that breaks the closed cells in the foam.
    This act repeats and this grows.
    Any point of entry for water feeds this monster, and it slowly kills the boat from inside out.
    Screws and points of penetration also feed this.
    So it's important be diligent in sealing all screws. and keeping all other water out as well.
    once foam gets wet, it WON'T dry out. it has to be removed. and should be replaced.

    Don't get discouraged. the prize is worth the effort
    They don't build these old boats anymore.....