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  • One of the "head scratcher" topics I've been puzzling over is how to plumb everything up forward. I have to contend with a fill line for the livewell, overflow/drain for livewell, drain for the anchor locker, drain for the fishbox, and fill/vent/supply for freshwater tank. Lot of hoses, some of which can be connected and some that can't. I wanted the livewell to have a separate drain line to eliminate the possibility of the forward livewell flooding into the forward fishbox, as well as to allow the livewell to drain directly overboard. I did decide to simplify things a little by draining the forward seating fishboxes out the end onto the deck, although I am tweaking the position of the drains a little.

    I glassed in a large open drain channel under the tank compartment, but the only chase tubes I had going forward-aft went either over tank (and will likely be needed for rigging and electrical) or around the outside of the aft fishboxes, which would work for the fill line but not well for livewell drain. I looked at every plausible routing combination I could come up with, including adding some thru hulls up forward, but I really want to keep the penetrations in the hull to a minimum and there wouldn't be any access to have a proper seacock.

    Well crap. After much internal debate I decided to retrofit a couple new chases under the tank to run the fill and drain lines for the forward livewell and possibly the supply line from my freshwater tank to the pump (which will notionally go in the aft bilge or maybe in the leaning post). The anchor locker and large fishbox will drain via 1.5" hoses to the main drain channel, which will terminate in a sump box in the aft bilge. Sure wish I had though about it for a few more minutes before I put the tank in, but where there's a will there's a way. So here we go foam mining again...

    I put chase tubes everywhere, but still not quite what I wanted.

    So I bored holes for two 1.5" PVC pipes to run under the tank. One for running hoses, the other will be for draining the livewell. Made a pretty wicked foam boring rig, took a combination of different tools but eventually broke through. the 4 lb foam i used around the tank is tough stuff! was able to bore two clean holes that just fit under the tank and fit 1.5" PVC nice and tight. I sealed up the bulkhead penetrations with thickened resin to maintain the watertight integrity of the tank compartment.

    Up forward, the large fishbox will drain to the central channel. Made a fiberglass collar to fit a 1.5" elbow and glassed it in.

    probably better ways, but this will work. Glassed a scrap of coosa to make a support shelf for the water tank, plumbing connections all fit under it. I don't love having the open chase connecting the forward and aft bilge areas, water could potentially back up through the chase to the forward bilge in the event of flooding in the aft bilge. but since nothing will normally drain to the bilges there shouldn't be any water anyway. And if a hose ruptured/leaks up forward it gives the water a path to the aft bilge where it can be pumped overboard.

    Also got the fittings and drain hoses for the aft fishboxes installed, drilled holes through the stringers and sleeved them with PVD pipe that butts up to the outside of the fishbox to create a sealed tunnel through the area around the fishbox that gets foamed. May not be a perfect seal, but it's pretty close. If water level in the bilge ever got up over the level of the drains a little might seep in to the foam, but it would take a pretty catastrophic event for me to have much worry about that happening. Had to install the thru hull fittings and hoses on the boxes first, then feed drain lines through the stringers and wrestle them into place. If I ever have to change hose/fittings on any of this stuff it's going to be a major science project.

    You can also see how I prepped the boxes to be foamed in, for support and insulation. More on that next.

    drilling the big ass holes was too much for my trusty Makita drill, the magic smoke got out


    • Damn Wolfie....that's a lot of detailed plumbing work going on...I sure hope you are a licensed Plumber and you pulled the work permits for all that work

      Looking good pal!

      A wise man once said, "Son... if it has tits, tires or a transom... sooner or later it's gonna give you problems." -the old man

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      • Originally posted by PoleLock View Post
        Damn Wolfie....that's a lot of detailed plumbing work going on...I sure hope you are a licensed Plumber and you pulled the work permits for all that work

        Looking good pal!

        haha yeah if I ever do this again everything is just draining through a hole to the bilge or onto the deck lol...

        with spaghetti mess of plumbing figured out, started putting things in place. foamed the side compartment, and around the rear fishboxes.

        yeah that oughta do it...

        didn't get too many pictures of the process, gotta have your shit together to do this without making too big of a mess. Got a little too aggressive with the pour on the port box and it bowed one side in a little, but not enough to worry about it. Used three supports to hold it down/in shape on the other side and it worked much better.

        side compartments foamed, rear fishboxes in, everything trimmed up. used a small flush cut hand saw and a long hand saw to trim the foam. Not shown, but I saved some of the bigger trimmed chunks and used them to fill in the other spaces.

        looking at it now, really doesn't seem like I got much done lol. but this was all done while getting ready to move to Hawaii, which ain't easy. Gave away or sold an unbelievable amount of shit, but saved what I could and packed it in the boat for long term storage.

        Made a temporary deck out of OSB, sure was fun to walk around in the boat and imagine. Filled every space I could find with stuff.

        the change in storage space up forward is pretty dramatic, will be awesome.

        packed up the "boat barn" and stashed it in the boat

        And there she will sit, snuggled up in a warehouse in backwoods CT until I get back to the mainland. Aloha!


        • Best wishes to you Wolfie. Gonna miss your posts. Be safe...hurry back.
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