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Fish Boxes Issue on Mako 15

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  • Fish Boxes Issue on Mako 15

    Hi everyone,

    I need some advice on my fish boxes for the 1974 Mako 15. When I purchased the boat 3 years ago, the batteries were in the boxes, so I never used them for fish. I decided to rewire the electrical system this last weekend, moved the batteries to the center console as well as the Perko switch. The Honda 60 4 stroke is heavier than the original 1972 Mercury 800 Thunderbolt, so I am happy to move the battery weight forward. Wiring is completed too.

    Now the issue, I know I have to fill in the holes from the switch mounting in the fish box, as well as the hole used to run the wires. But my question comes from the top section of the fish boxes themselves. There are holes in the top lip sections of the boxes, feels like the fiberglassing was not completed, or maybe the old fiberglass rotted out? I don't want water to seep in the holes and go to the bottom of the hull. When the water comes into the fish boxes (there is a 1 inch plug for the hole to let water in) how high up does the water go? To the top of the fish boxes? I am assuming fiberglass and resin is the best way to cover the holes. I was considering 3M bondo too. Curious what the experts think. Is there anything else about using fish boxes I should know?

    I will be replacing all the drain plugs (2 fish boxes and the main plug) with Garboard plugs. Anyone have issues or advice with them?

    Let me know what you think. I am excited to use the fish boxes for fish (when we start catching them!).

    Mark Kriz[br]Mako15 1974[br]Mercury Thunderbolt 800 1972[br]Maple Valley, WA[br][br]

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    best to show some pictures for your questons. i have only ever seen one other m15 on here
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      Hi Brando,

      I will include some pics below. 2 of them show the set up for the fish boxes, and the 3rd one s looking up to the top of the inside of one of the boxes. Its hard to see, but there is an opening in the top corner. I think I had it incorrect on how to use the boxes. My thought was I could leave the rubber plug out to let water in while the boat was in use, and then keep the fish alive in the box. I think what really should be done is plug the drain and add ice to the boxes to keep the fish fresh (cold). Never used fish boxes before, so I am guessing.

      I have seen diagrams of live wells, and may consider turning one of the boxes into one. Project for another time.

      Pics are below.


      Click image for larger version

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      Mark Kriz[br]Mako15 1974[br]Mercury Thunderbolt 800 1972[br]Maple Valley, WA[br][br]


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        Those where not intended to be live wells. The drains are to empty them out from ice or cleaning. I you are going to put water in there yes you will need to seal it up
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          Thank you Snappergrapper. Already in the process of filling in the holes for both boxes. Sanding them down will be early this week, and gel coat will be later in the week. Sometime in the next few weeks I will work on replacing the drain holes with Garboard plugs, 3 of them in the transom. We finally caught fish out of Lake Georgetown, TX, bass, bluegill, and sheephead, so I want the fish boxes ready for the next trip out. Oh, the fun is about to start (and hopefully a fish fry).

          Mark Kriz[br]Mako15 1974[br]Mercury Thunderbolt 800 1972[br]Maple Valley, WA[br][br]