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Placard rivet removal

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  • Placard rivet removal

    Is there a thread where somebody documented their drilling of the rivets that hold placards on? My placards on the 261 are long gone but my rivets are there rusting and looking ugly. I ordered new placards from Ringleader and am stoked about shining this old girl up. I also don’t want to make any bonehead mistakes. Anybody got a step by step thread? Is there a search feature? I may be missing it.

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    I feel your pain. I recently added the placards to my boat. My rivets weren't anywhere close to rusty but I had like two sets of rivets. Some went all the way through, some didn't, but all of them raised the gel coat. It was not fun. I just did my best with a drill bit and tried knocking down the raised gel coat the best I could with a dremel and called it a day. Cleaned the area well with acetone and stuck them on.

    Of course this story would not be complete without telling you that I didn't pre-drill the hole big enough to put the new fastener Ringleader sent and the first screw broke. The other three went well after learning from my mistake and the adhesive is holding the one-fastener placard fine for now.

    Good luck!
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      Sounds like an adventure 😂


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        Slightly larger drill bit than the rivet and then fill with west system epoxy in the two part tube (caulk gun size) from west marine or the like you can sand smooth when done and nobody will see. Mary Kate on/off will remove the rust I Like the gel for vertical surfaces

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